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Nurse Retention

Research focusing nurse intention to remain employed (ITR) across health care settings.

Home Care

The home care work environment is very unique in that care is delivered in unpredictable, complex environments.

Nurse Faculty

Research on nurse faculty from colleges and university and factors influencing their intention to remain employed.

Acute Care

Research related to nursing, nursing staff, leadership and patient outcomes in acute care settings.

Long-Term Care

Work environments, nurse retention and leadership in long-term care settings.

Work Environment

Work environments, nurse staffing and retention across health care settings.

Generational Cohorts in Nursing

Generational Cohorts in Nursing: Generational differences in nurses across health care settings.

Nursing Leadership

Research on the impact of nursing leadership and nursing leadership interventions across healthcare settings.

Patient and Safety Outcomes

Research on patient and safety outcomes and nursing care across health care settings.


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