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Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQs)

A portion of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funding for this project has been allocated to address Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQs) identified by health system providers and policy makers. The aim of the AHRQ process is to build research evidence to inform policy and practice benefiting the broader Ontario health care system. See below for completed AHRQs.

What patient reported experience measures (PREMs) exist for home based nursing care? How are PREMs implemented? How do PREMs fit with other organizational performance measures? Read More


How are Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) implemented? What PROMs exist for home-based nursing care? How do PROMs fit with other organizational performance measures? Read More



What are the innovative and most effective ways to  optimize clinical competency (regulated and unregulated) in a  decentralized work environment? Read more





To what extent is the role of the patient’s physician in supporting home-based nursing care addressed in best practice literature? Read more

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What does the literature say about the role of Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in community care? Read more




Are there intrinsic factors that are stronger than others that predict nurses’ intention to stay in an organization? Read more 

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What is the relationship between the use of Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) support and client outcomes in home care? Read more

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What is the ideal ratio of Registered Nurses to Registered Practical Nurses in home care service delivery to ensure best possible patient outcomes and organizational sustainability in a 24/7 operation?  Read more

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