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Evaluation Study of a Leadership Development Intervention for Nurses

Study Overview

Changes in the organization and delivery of health care services over the past decade have altered the traditional career paths for nurse leader development.  Changes such as health care restructuring have been associated with the loss of nurse leadership roles and nurse leadership development opportunities in health care organizations.  This has resulted in diminishing opportunities to develop effective nurse leaders for our health care organizations both now and in the future. Furthermore, with the advancements made in leadership science, it is clear that health care organizations wishing to have positive patient and organizational outcomes need to invest in the development of nurse leaders with critical transformational and visionary leadership skills.  There is limited research about whether leadership interventions are effective in the development of effective nurse leaders as well as what outcomes are expected from such interventions.

Study Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this study was to increase our understanding of the effects of leadership development strategies for nurses.  The primary objective of this study was to empirically determine the immediate through long-term effects of the Dorothy M. Wylie Nursing Leadership Institute intervention on the following outcomes:

  • Participant leadership competence (assessed by self, peers, other half of dyad, and direct manager)
  • Participant-reported feelings of personal accomplishment
  • Participant-reported feelings of depersonalization
  • Participant-reported self-efficacy
  • Participant career path decisions / choices / intentions (including individual participant retention)
  • Assessment of the nature of the organizational environment
  • Organizational commitment and readiness

Research Team

This study was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Toronto:
Ann Tourangeau
Marcia Luba
Manon Lemonde
Souraya Sidani

This research was initiated August 2001 and completed January 2004 and was funded by The Change Foundation and the Nursing Effectiveness, Utilization, and Outcomes Research Unit at the University of Toronto.

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